ESMRMB - Newsletter Volume 11, June 2011
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  » Welcome by our President!
 » ESMRMB Congress 2011 - Scientific Highlights
 » ESMRMB Congress 2011 - Registration & Hotel Booking
 » ESMRMB educational activities
 » Become a fan of ESMRMB on facebook!
 » NEW! ESMRMB Certificate of Excellence
 » ESMRMB Journal News
 » MR Safety Update - course on MR safety in 2012!
 » Alliance for MRI - European Commission puts forward new draft for EMF Directive
 » Euro-BioImaging Survey Online!
 » What’s new with EIBIR?
 Welcome by our President!
Dear Members, Colleagues, and Friends of the ESMRMB,

I have now served just over one year as president of this society and I am very happy to report that the society is in a healthy state and steadily growing. With the record breaking joint meeting together with the ISMRM last year in Stockholm, we have once again demonstrated that Europe is a great place for MR and we are much looking forward to our Annual Scientific Meeting in Leipzig this October. The meeting preparation is well on the way. Prof. Segebarth as head of our scientific programme committee together with Prof. Kahn, the head of the local organising committee, have been extremely active to ensure that you can expect an outstanding scientific meeting as well as an exiting social programme. Prof. Moser, together with the education and workshop committee, also compiled a very interesting educational programme during the annual meeting, covering a wide range from MR basics to practical clinical applications.

I am also happy to report that the educational programmes of the ESMRMB continue to be a success story and that we have developed a concept with the ISMRM to coordinate all educational activities between these two societies for the benefit of all our members and to provide the best education in our field.

The Executive Board of our society has decided to renew our newsletter concept and update it to a fully electronic format as you read it now. We hope this format allows to quickly absorb the latest information about our society and stay in close contact with the scientists that this society is made of and for: you, our valued membership.

With my kindest regards,
Oliver Speck
ESMRMB President

 ESMRMB Congress 2011 - Scientific Highlights
This European Forum for MR research and clinical practice offers a three day educational and scientific programme meeting the demands of clinicians, basic scientists, technologists and engineers alike in form of Plenary Sessions, Mini-Categorical Courses and Teaching Sessions.
Prof. Richard Ernst, 1991 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, will deliver the inaugural Sir Peter Mansfield Lecture.
Further highlights will be the Round Table Discussion and the Hot Topic Debate. A Joint EFOMP/ESMRMB Session will focus on “Hybrid Systems”.
The scientific programme will count numerous parallel scientific sessions for oral presentations. A new category of communications, the Clinical Review Poster Session, will be introduced.
Time slots will be allocated for viewing of traditional and electronic (EPOS) posters, as well as for allowing attendance of the Software Exhibit (formerly known as Info-RESO).
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 ESMRMB Congress 2011 - Registration & Hotel Booking

Make sure to register before the early registration deadline on July 18. In case you are not yet an active member of ESMRMB now, become a member before registering to the congress - you can save up to € 220!
Students and resident members can even register free of charge until August 12!

More on ESMRMB 2011 registration fees and regulations can be found here.

In order to register, please click here to enter our online registration tool MyCongress.

Hotel Booking
Our official travel partner akd congress & events has secured a number of hotel rooms at attractive rates for delegates. Make sure to book your hotel room early in advance of the congress to ensure a confirmed booking at your preferred hotel. Visit for more details and the online booking form.

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 ESMRMB educational activities
The ESMRMB is proud of its educational activities being offered to different target groups - in 2011 the following programmes are offered:

School of MRI - education for physicians and technicians
1 Applied MR Techniques Course & 8 Advanced Clinical Courses still to come in 2011. Find out more here.

Lectures on MR - education for MR physicists and other basic or clinical scientists
Educational courses, exercises, and practical demonstrations on MR Physics, Spectroscopy and Engineering; 7 courses are planned in 2011 - click here to see the complete course programme!

Hands On MRI - education for MRI technologists, radiographers and interested physicians
2 vendor specific hands-on training courses in 2011 with 50% sessions on the scanner and workstations - find out more here.

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 Become a fan of ESMRMB on facebook!
Become a fan of ESMRMB on facebook and receive regular updates on the society's activities! Post messages, upload pictures and communicate with other ESMRMB fans via our ESMRMB facebook page!
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 NEW! ESMRMB Certificate of Excellence
The ESMRMB is proud to present its newly introduced ESMRMB Certificate of MR Excellence.
The certificate shall honour physicians and scientists, being active members of the ESMRMB, who have made a significant contribution to the field of MR.

Make sure to apply for the ESMRMB Certificate of MR Excellence now to prove your excellence in the field of MR! The application deadline is October 1, 2011!
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 ESMRMB Journal News
The 2 MAGMA special issues on “Arterial Spin Labeling MRI “ with David Alsop as Guest Editor and “MR Thermometry “ with Robert Turner as Guest-Editor are nearly complete; see papers already available online at Springer - enter via the MyUser Area (access only for active members of ESMRMB with online journal access).

2011 Young Investigator Award competition: 10 papers have been received and are under review. The 3 finalists will be known by early July!

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 MR Safety Update - course on MR safety in 2012!
MR safety issues get more and more important with the increasing number of high field MR systems operating at 3.0T, which increases the risk for specific absorption rate (SAR) related heating. In addition more medical implants are nowadays used in patients and a careful screening for their safe use in the MR environment is mandatory.
These require the development of guidelines and training courses in MR safety.
Based on a course which was certified by the Austrian Standards Institute – ÖNORM, a similar European course on MR safety within the School of MRI is now in preparation and will be held in 2012.
 » read more (article by S. Trattnig, Vienna/AT)
 Alliance for MRI - European Commission puts forward new draft for EMF Directive
On 14 June 2011 the European Commission adopted a proposal to revise the directive on protecting workers from electromagnetic fields. The European Commission’s proposal includes a derogation for the medical and research use of MRI from the exposure limit values, which will ensure that this vital technology will continue to be available for all patients.

The derogation is part of a wide-ranging update of the directive, which the European Parliament and Council are expected to act on later this year. The derogation for MRI is required as the revised exposure limits still curtail the use of MRI in various areas such as MRI-guided surgery, imaging vulnerable patients and children. New research and developments in MRI would also be severely restricted, as would routine cleaning and maintenance of MRI equipment.

This revision is a result of the concerns raised by the Alliance for MRI and a recognition by the European Commission that the current Directive severely curtailed the use of MRI to the detriment of patients in Europe.
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 Euro-BioImaging Survey Online!
We cordially invite you to participate in the Euro-BioImaging Survey on existing imaging facilities and unmet imaging infrastructure needs of European scientists.
Euro-BioImaging, a pan-European research infrastructure for biomedical imaging, will provide access to imaging technologies, dedicated training in imaging and service for image data storage and analysis. Euro-BioImaging's medical imaging community is scientifically coordinated by EIBIR.
The Euro-BioImaging Survey is targeting all stakeholders in Europe’s imaging infrastructure and aims to identify the unmet imaging infrastructure needs.

By sharing your expertise and knowledge you can contribute to shape the future Euro-BioImaging infrastructure.

Further background information as well as a pdf file of the survey can be found here.
 » Direct access to survey
 What’s new with EIBIR?
 The European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR) is happy to announce that the famous advertised Network Membership Service Packages are bearing fruits: 36 active, 46 regular and 7 associate Network Members show that EIBIR’s services offered close a gap and are much needed in the biomedical imaging landscape. The EIBIR Network Members can now access the recently released and updated members’ online database which provides an improved functionality and some additional fields concerning site capabilities. If you want to learn more about EIBIR, check or contact
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 The European Network for Cell Imaging and Tracking Expertise (ENCITE) is very proud to have a joint collaboration for training with ESMRMB: Don’t miss the ENCITE educational course on molecular MRI experimental neuroscience in Cologne/DE (June) and the first ENCITE Mini-Categorical course on molecular imaging at the ESMRMB 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting in Leipzig/DE (October). The course offers topics like Image Clustering and Segmentation on brain, abdomen and heart, Obesity and Diabetes or Cellular Labelling.
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 Please contact the ESMRMB Office in case you have any questions or require further detials.
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