The revision of ISO 9001 is approaching the finishing line. The status of work allows the conclusion that the Standard will appear in autumn 2015 as planned. After all, the major changes are already established by the so-called “high level structure”, i.e. the unified concept relating to requirements placed on all management system standards.

In a series of technical lectures, we provide information on the key concepts of ISO 9001:2015:
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Currently there are some ISO-developments in the field of management systems. To inform you right in time about the requirements that are approaching you, we summarized the most important aspects for you. In a series of technical lectures, we provide information on the revision of ISO 9001:2015. 

Futhermore we would like to inform you about your different options for passing your certification to the new ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

IQNet - 25th Anniversary
During the past 25 years, the IQNet network strived to become a hub of knowledge and experiences, promoting the discussion and development of conformity assessment related issues, aiming for the competence of its partners and for their interest’s representation in multiple international forums. IQNet relevant path and the achieved results should, therefore, be adequately celebrated. Congratulations to the anniversary!

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Implementing ISO Revision 2015
The revision of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 offers new opportunities for designing your management system: a clearer orientation to organizational strategy, addressing risks and opportunities, promoting the process-approach and an enhanced consideration of performance and effectiveness – to name just a few aspects. We would like to inform you about your different options for passing your certification to the new ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.
FDIS ISO 14001:2015 on the home stretch
Now the draft of FDIS is in place and has already been edited. This means that linguistic subtleties have already been clarified. Then a final matching will take place in Delhi/India in early September 2015. Therefore, it will be possible to keep the publication date, which is intended for September 21, 2015. All over the world, about 300,000 organizations are concerned. In Austria, more than 1,000 organizations are concerned.
Integrated management systems - audits as providers of development leverage for organizations
Thanks to the revisions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which are under way, changed approaches can be pursued. The process approach is to be intensified. A decisive new concept is the risk based approach. In this approach, taking into account of risks is integrated at many levels: in the process approach, in leadership and, very strongly, in the stage of planning.
Audits as a challenge for companies operating in food industry - a field of tension
Audits are levers for design and tools for enabling lifelong learning within organizations. This also opens up opportunities for companies. However, these opportunities can only be identified and utilized if certain basic requirements are taken into account. In this respect, important aspects are emotional labilization, competencies and insights.
Value created by Quality Management Certificates
On the initiative of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ), a survey was made among certified Quality Representatives and Quality Managers in the member countries. The survey was aimed at asking for the relevance for practice and the value created by the qualityaustria training and examination (individuals’ certification) and obtain impulses for future requirements and topics.
TL 9000 - News: 340 Club Award from QuEST Forum
We are pleased to inform you, that we as Quality Austria received the 340 Club Award from QuEST Forum in recognition of our high level of volunteer participation in 2014. QuEST Forum is a global association which through the members develop and implement quality and performance practices that unite and improve the ICT - industry. We as Quality Austria are proud to be a part of this exclusive 340 Club!
QUALIMED-Skills for Quality in Healthcare at European Level - Successful Project Conclusion
The EU Project “QUALIMED- Skills for Quality in Healthcare at European Level”, which was carried out by Quality Austria in cooperation with Rumanian and Hungarian partners, has been concluded successfully. The goal of the project - promoting quality in the healthcare sector in Rumania by developing an EOQ harmonized course “Quality management in the healthcare sector” - was achieved by incorporating it as a post-graduate training at the University for Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu HaĊ£ieganu” in Cluj-Napoca.
Organizational Resilience
Based on worldwide studies made to determine the cause of business success or corporate damage after the economic crisis in 2008, it became quite obvious that resilience is a central element for business success after crises. In slightly more simplified terms, resilience means the following: “Not keep lying on the floor after crises, flops and throwbacks but vigorously positively designing one’s own future - just like a tumbler”. It is about more than withstanding a failure or damage. It is a matter of persisting positively and successfully in spite of major negative incidents.