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"Heya Girls!"
I can tell you, the upcoming weekend is going to be royally relaxing! When thousands of people are practicing yoga, Vienna will probably vibrate with snugness. And those wanting to stay at the heart of Good Vibrations, should go to MAK. From Friday till Sunday, it’s all about yoga, Ayurveda and vegan lifestyle – for the first time, the fairs „YOGA Planet“ and „VEGAN Planet“ take place at the same place in Austria. Visitors can expect countless shopping opportunities (including yoga fashion of the new label „nice to meet me”), more than 60 lectures and workshops, culinary highlights, vegan products, Ayurveda catering and cooking shows. But principally, you can try out practically each possible yoga style of the world in join-in yoga sessions. From Acro Yoga to yoga therapy, from yoga for your back to Jivamukti Yoga (wow, never heard of) and Vinyasa Flow. And since there will also be a “Feetup” workshop, this will definitely be the first fair in the world where people are standing around on their heads ;-)
Wishing You a Lovely Week
Your CitySpotterGirl
MAK, Weißkirchnerstraße 3, 1010 Vienna. November 21-23. 12 € Web

P.S: Cool book tips from rapper and slam-poet Yasmo: on the portal!
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Olympus Photography Playground
The hippest and coolest action in Vienna in a while! For one month, international artists and photo freaks are converting the former post office headquarters into an interactive high tech playground for adults. With totally freaky light, sound and art installations. And with a great programme! Just catch your own camera or borrow one of the edgy Olympus items on the spot – and start your early-bird-excursion! The other day in Colonia, 19,000 hipsters queued up. Today the event starts in Vienna. Entrance is free!
Former Postzentrale, Postgasse 10, 1010 Vienna. November 20 till December 19. Mon-Sun. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Yes, this is successful upcycling! Today, an exceptional pop-up store for bags and accessories is opening in the inner city. Exceptional because all products are made of garbage and recycling materials. And once again exceptional because the items indeed look noble and stylish. This does not only sustainably pretty up the environmental balance, but also the style conscious wearer. Each bag is handmade in Vienna. Our absolute favourite: the Chloe-style black “Mira” bag. And for business: the “Kursa” model.

Schauraum, Rotensterngasse 13, 1020 Vienna. Nov 20 – Dec 21, Thu-Sun 12:00 -19:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
The Stitch brothers’ Arschsalon
Don’t worry, the Stiches won’t give up their custom jeans tailoring. But today they are two-timing and occupy a (due to winter season) closed ice-cream parlour in Mariahilferstraße – to act as valiant little tailors defending good taste amidst all those tiresome fashion chains. In other words: You can only buy gift cards for custom-tailored items from their studio. And since gift cards are kind of boring, each of them is a unicum - individually wrapped and adorned with sock-figures: Santa Magenta, his adversary Hochwasserhorst or Asscracker, the personified builder’s bum.
Arschsalon der Gebrüder Stitch, Mariahilferstraße 4, 1070 Vienna. From November 24, 10:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Lamp workshop with Ito Megumi
She designs the nicest lamps of town! Her lighting objects illuminated countless restaurants and hotels and the designer herself is beaming like the sun. If you want to own an original Megumi yourself – a very special one indeed – you can now do it yourself. Under expert guidance of the artist you can design, create and take home one of the much sought after exhibits. Tools, materials and great covering fabrics are available on the spot, at Habari. And so are creative inspirations – from bird nests to love letter lamps.
Habari, Theobaldgasse 16, 1060 Vienna. November 21, 18:00. 85 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Blue Bird Festival & Fräulein Hona
It started 10 years ago with much enthusiasm and blood, sweat and tears and was meant to be a one-hit-wonder. Today, it’s one of the country’s most popular music boozers. Fans of the singer-songwriter-scene can celebrate the Blue Bird’s anniversary for 3 days. Insiders’ tip for today: the uniquely charming Viennese quartet “Fräulein Hona”. Songs of their latest album „the ground beneath our feet“ spread thoughtfulness and good mood at the same time. The instrumental technique will be as varied as are the lyrics: with blue sailors and lost spaces!
Porgy & Bess, Riemergasse 11, 1010 Vienna. November 20-22. Fräulein Hona Nov 21. 21:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Organic Cider Tasting: Young Cider
Today, you won’t find organic farmer Leopoldine Adelsberger working on her orchard meadows in Randegg, for a change. Instead, she presents her price-winning ciders and juices in essenswert, where fans of organic food get regional products for their fridge. Today, you can taste freshly squeezed apple & pear juices and ciders for free here! A special highlight: the price-winning and rare organic ciders made out of old varieties. Premium liqueurs & spirits. And of course the young cider of the season. Accompanied by rewarded organic raw sheep ham and sheep sausages by Luise Strobl.
essenswert, Schlösselgasse 20, 1080 Vienna. November 21, 15:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Workshop Breast-Zest
The keyword is: body intelligence! In the workshop of Gabriele Pröll, researcher in women’s studies and health coach, everything revolves around women’s breasts for a whole day. Or rather, it’s about how to keep one’s breasts healthy. This is where the self-healing method Wildwuchs, which is practiced all over the world, comes in. It helps us to enter into a dialogue with our own body, to find out why and where we suffer pain, and, most importantly, what can preventively be done about it. Established visualisation exercises, internal images and relaxation techniques help us help ourselves.
Naturheilzentrum Dr. Zizenbacher, Mackgasse 6, 1230 Vienna. November 22, 10:00-17:00. 150 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Robert Reuss
Advent Charity Bazaar
An enormous flea market (organised by English-speaking ladies in Vienna) opens its doors in the third district today. The location itself is a proof of how huge the market actually is: the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation & Technology will clear space for the good cause for one day. The offer ranges from 1st & 2nd hand fashion, jewellery, fabrics, furniture and music to homemade jams & chutneys! All proceeds are donated to Austrian aid organisations such as VinziRast and Möwe zu Gute. Tombola prices include Macbooks, iPads and other goodies!
BM für Verkehr, Innovation & Technologie, Radetzkystrasse 2, 1030 Vienna. November 22, 10:30-16:00. Free entrance. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Craft Beer Festival
For those of you who have not yet got any of this recent trend: Since months, beer lovers face no way (and no glass) around handmade craft beer. Austria keeps pace with the trend – and celebrates the beers with character, which are made of special hops and malt varieties in a small amount, in an own festival! For 2 days, beer lovers get the chance to taste to their heart’s content. Interesting: creations of the traditional pale lager. Exotic: new India Pale Ales. Heavy: dark-black stouts novelties. 71 breweries from 11 countries are participating!
Anker Expedithalle, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna. November 21+22. 7 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 SAT.1/Anatol Kotte
Harald Schmidt
Germany’s present-day super-cynic is back! Not for one of his legendary Late Night Shows – the last one was put on the air on March 13th, 2014. But for an Early Morning Talk in which the intelligent, smart and occasionally very wicked entertainer is talking about TV and life. Which is one and the same thing in his case. We might well forgive him his women and Pilates jokes. The total package Harald Schmidt appears cheeky, dry-witted and trenchant – in a talk with Peter Huemer!

stadtTheater walfischgasse, Walfischgasse 4, 1010 Vienna. November 23, 11:00. 15 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Gryffindor, Creative-Commons-Lizenz
City Tour: European Locations in Vienna
What’s the result if a dozen of European cultural institutes and embassies join up in Vienna to present their respective country? A truly well made city tour! Six of the selected Viennese locations connected to Georgia, France & Co can be discovered with tour guide Cornelia Madl today. She knows quite a lot of country-specific, bizarre and enchanting anecdotes. So she can tell you, for example, what the Zacherlhaus in Brandstätte has to do with Georgia and Georgian insecticides. Registration indispensable!
Meeting point: Stephansdom/ Jasomirgottstrasse, 1010 Vienna. November 23, 15:00. Free entrance. Registration. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Viennese Gourmet Punch Stall
Well, in most cases it tastes sugary and sticky, but it’s part of the atmosphere: the punch on a Christmas market. Salvation in terms of pleasure is finally in sight: At the Viennese gourmet punch stall next to Stephansdom, punch is celebrated as a culinary highlight in the upcoming weeks until Christmas. Austria’s best award-winning chefs provide the recipes for the warming mixtures: gourmet chef Christian Domschitz relies on his plum-chocolate combination, Walter Eselböck remains faithful to his classic “Taubenkogel” fruit punch, the Obauer brothers (4 toques) make us curious for their house-punch.

Stephansplatz, neben dem Dom, 1010 Vienna. Until December 23, Mon-Sun 11:00-21:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
kitchenware Pop-Up Store
For design lovers and friends of granny’s kitchen: Starting today, you can now purchase gorgeous inorganic compounds of melted silicates and oxides for one month. On top of it, they are stainless, hygienic, and easy to clean. What does this mean? Well, we are talking about nostalgic and practical enamel kitchenware of the traditional brand Riess. They have been producing high-quality enamel in the Mostviertel (Lower Austria) since 1550 (!). Their pretty pans, ring-cake tins and kitchen accessories are now available in a pop-up sore at Spittelberg.
Sneak In, Siebensterngasse 12, 1070 Vienna. From November 24, 11:00-20:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Thierry Malandain at Volksoper...ballet
Et un, et deux: The price-winning French dancer and choreographer Thierry Malandain is making his debut in Austria with two pieces (Mozart à 2 & Don Juan). Only recently the Frenchman received the European Ballet Award and was declared the best choreographer. Now, his ballet couples are dancing with Gluck’s and Mozart’s music on the Volksoper stage – one time quietly and reverently, another time wildly and passionately. A harmonious performance is guaranteed in any case, since the master himself is involved in the Volksoper ballet. Cabriole (caper), s’il vous plait!
Volksoper, Währinger Straße 78, 1090 Vienna. November 24. 19:00. 70 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Mimi needs a thriller....
If you are up for a coal-black detective novel evening with the who is who of the Austrian thriller scene, this is your event. Non other than Eva Rossmann, Petra Hartlieb, Manfred Rebhandl and Alfred Komarek are coming together. The latter one is particularly loved by the CitySpotterGirl for inventing the eccentric detective Simon Polt, who even made it onto TV, portrayed by Erwin Steinhauer. The reading is for a good cause – which explains the ticket price. Culinary delights and drinks will be provided!
Erste Bank, Petersplatz 7, 1010 Vienna, November 25, 18.30. 120 €. Web 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Herzilein Pop-Up Women’s Collection
Be fast, because rare things are much sought-after: At the moment, Herzilein offers another limited collection for women! The label, which is famous for its charming children’s fashion, exceptionally comes up with an enchanting collection for ladies. Warm and cuddly “star”-skirts (49 €) and casual loop-scarves with polka dots and stars (29 €). Warming for winter season and for our heart: The designs convince with their lively colours and jovial patterns. Only available in the Herzilein store in Josefstädterstraße!
Herzilein, Josefstädter Straße 29, 1080 Vienna. From November 21 Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00, Sat -18:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Ã–sterreichische Nationalbibliothek
Angels – Heavenly Messengers
The national library is playing Angel & Devil at Christmas. And presents the good ones amongst us with an exhibition of celestial beings with wings. A rich selection of artful and magnificent angel illustrations from 500 years of book culture invites us to marvel and to dream – celestial hosts, guardian angels and fallen angels. Special stars in the sky: Albrecht Dürer’s Apocalypse from 1498 and the famous Glockendon prayer book of the last great master of book illumination. Both of them in the original version!
Prunksaal, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Josefsplatz 1, 1010 Vienna. Until February 1, 2015. Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00, Thu till 21:00. 7 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Ali Schafler
Yes, Sir! Rendezvous with Zarah Leander
The Swedish acting and singing legend passed away in 1981. But her brilliant chansons are living on. Tonight, the most beautiful ones are brought to life by soprano Tamara Trojani and celeb Konstantin Schenk along with an orchestra. Besides musical highlights, the costly arranged music evening comes up with stories and anecdotes about life, love, friendship and passion. “Can love possibly be a sin?” – is, once again, the question of the evening. As we all sometimes hope: “… a miracle will happen.”

Wiener Konzerthaus, Lothringerstraße 20, 1030 Vienna. November 26, 19:30. 29-58 €. Web 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Fotolia/ Kaulitzki
Rheumatism Day
What earlier was a disease affecting only older persons, has developed into a painful problem for everyone over the last years. Rheumatism: the term covers 400 different diseases, 500,000 people are affected in Vienna alone! And with increasing frequency patients are young, active, sporty. Despite the rapid increase, there is an alarming lack of information about the disease – one in two rheumatics has never consulted a doctor. Today’s Rheumatism Day celebrated in the Town Hall provides help with information about diagnosis, therapy and treatment.
Rathaus, Lichtenfelsgasse 2, 1010 Vienna. November 26, 11:00-18:00. Free entrance. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Incense Evening
How about saying goodbye to the year in a particularly pleasant way? In keeping with the season that was earlier called Twelfth Night, Birgit Heyn gives an introduction to the ancient art of burning incense. Why and when do people burn incense? How do you use incense charcoal? What do angelica and dragon’s blood smell like? Burning incense is deeply rooted in many cultures and the herbs, resins and blossoms are associated with certain goddesses, gods and guardian spirits. Stories and myths accompany the incense rituals, exalt our imagination and the unconscious. An evening full of practical and background knowledge.
Kräuterdrogerie, Kochgasse 34, 1080 Vienna. November 26, 19:00-21:00. 25 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Shop of the week 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Eric Bompard
New in town! Since Tuesday, Vienna has yet another luxury shopping store. The French cashmere king has set up shop in Seilergasse. He presents his great selection of marvellous, soft and cuddly must-have knitwear for ladies & gents in an airy room of 200 m2. And he impresses with a high-quality assortment: casual oversize dresses, feather light pullover classics, lovely accessories. And a homeware collection that is crying out for open fire! By the way: The 10 most popular top-selling items are currently reduced by 20%!
Eric Bompard, Seilergasse 5, 1010 Vienna. Mon-Fri 10:00-18:30, Sat 10:00-18:00. Web
Restaurant of the week 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Since we are celebrating the Craft Beer Festival this week, we’d like to present you with an appropriate restaurant tip. The restaurant has already existed since 1906 (the simple and beautiful wood panelling dates back to that time), but since the take-over some weeks ago, a wind of change is blowing. The menu is not very extensive and includes Viennese classics that are incredibly tasty – fantastic rice with meat, perfect goulash. And the drinks menu is full of exotic craft beers from small breweries. Moreover: extremely friendly service. Highly recommended!
Fassldippler, Johann Strauß Gasse 42, 1040 Vienna. Tue – Sat 16:00 -1:00. Web


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