ESMRMB - Newsletter Volume 17, July 2014
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 » ESMRMB Congress 2015 - Edinburgh
 » ESMRMB Certificate of Excellence
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     School of MRI
     Lectures on MR
     Hands-On MRI

 » ESMRMB MAGMA - Journal News
 » ESMRMB/ISMRM Teach-the-Teacher in Clinical MRI
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 » MR Enterprise Section: Siemens
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 Welcome by our new President
Dear Friends,
It is a great honour for me to write this first letter as your new President.
I thank you all again for trusting me and giving me this great responsibility through your votes. Two words about me: I am an MRI physicist, working as Professor of MR Neurophysics and Translational Neuroscience at the UCL Institute of Neurology since 2008. As such, my work covers the whole translational pathway, from the development of new MRI/MRS sequences to its widespread application in clinical practice. As such, I hope to be able to represent everyone of you, and to serve you as best as I can.

I also have the great pleasure in this first newsletter to tell you about the very successful joint meeting of our society with the ISMRM in Milan. This was by far the largest meeting of its kind, demonstrating once more the growing importance of our field of research in Europe, and the definite role the ESMRMB plays in this very field.

On the flip side, we will not have our annual meeting this year in the autumn, and you will have to wait until October 1-3 2015 to hopefully come and join me and all members of your committee in the beautiful Edinburgh for another ESMRMB meeting. But we will not let you down, and between now and then, we have a large offer of courses on many different topics and for everyone within the society: The Lectures on MR, offering a unique international programme for the teaching of advanced MRI and MRS topics, at the bleeding edge of the field; the very recognised School of MRI, providing dedicated teaching for radiologists of all specialties; the Hands-on MRI, providing dedicated training on the manufacturers’ own material; and finally, introducing this year the Teach-the-Teachers programme, as a joint programme with the ISMRM, aiming at providing advanced qualitative teaching advice and basic training to fellows from outside Europe, to help spreading the good word of MRI around the world.

So, for keeping in touch with your favourite society, please follow us on Twitter (@ESMRMB), like us on Facebook (, or directly visit our main website:!

Yours truly,

Xavier Golay
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 ESMRMB Congress 2015 - Edinburgh
Marion Smits, Chairperson of the Scientific Programme Committee, and Ian Marshall, Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee, invite you to the 32nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the ESMRMB in Edinburgh (UK).

Be part of an exciting congress in Edinburgh, where centuries of history meet a vibrant, cosmopolitan city in an unforgettable setting.

Abstract submission will start early 2015.
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 ESMRMB Certificate of Excellence
ESMRMB Certificate of MR Excellence applications

The ESMRMB is pleased to inform that one application for the Certificate of MR Excellence has been submitted in 2015 so far. The applicant fulfills the criteria and following that, members in good standing may now have the chance to comment on the applicant until January 30, 2016.
Dr. Christian Ziener
The ESMRMB Members & Services Committee will make the final decision on acceptance / rejection of the applications, which will then be forwarded to the Executive Board for final approval.
Take the opportunity to also apply for an ESMRMB Certificate of MR Excellence, and submit the required documents by April 1, 2016.
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 ESMRMB educational activities
     School of MRI
     Lectures on MR
     Hands-On MRI
The ESMRMB is proud to present its educational programme being offered to different target groups  in 2015:

ESMRMB School of MRI
for physicians and MR technologists/radiographers

The ESMRMB has already started a very successful year with three School of MRI courses in Vienna, Basel and Porto. 8 upcoming courses, which will be held all over Europe and providing the opportunity to get prepared for the needs of modern daily MR business, are yet to come. Make sure to reserve your place soon!
Enjoy the summer and pursue your further training full of energy soon with our upcoming courses:

Advanced MR Imaging of the Abdomen 
September 3-5, 2015 - Verona/IT

Advanced Cardiac MR Imaging        
September 10-12, 2015 - Paris/FR

Advanced MR Imaging in Paediatric Radiology   
September 17-19, 2015 - Marseille/FR

Body Diffusion-weighted MRI: From Theory to Practice       
October 22-24, 2015 - Brescia/IT

Advanced Breast & Female Pelvis MR Imaging       
October 22-24, 2015 - Rome/IT

Advanced MR Imaging of the Musculoskeletal System - Spanish language
November 5-7, 2015 - Alcorcón(Madrid)/ES

MR Safety  
November 19-21, 2015 - Lund/SE

ESMRMB Lectures on MR
for physicists and other basic or clinical scientists

The Lectures on MR programme includes educational courses, exercises, and practical demonstrations on MR Physics, Spectroscopy and Engineering. The most courses already took place successfully this year. Eager to offer you a most various training for experts in the field ESMRMB is proud to list the upcoming courses:

Resting state fMRI - basic concepts, methods and applications
September 2-4, 2015 - Berlin/DE
Diffusion: What it means and how to measure it
September 28-30, 2015 - Edinburgh/UK

for MR technologists/radiographers and interested physicians

Courses that combine lectures as well as vendor specific hands-on training on the workstation and scanner will be on the agenda in 2015.
If you are not interested in theory only, take a look at our Hands-On MRI courses in 2015:

Neuro Course
November 6-7, 2015 - Hirslanden/CH
This course will be carried out on Olea Medical Software

Abdominal (pelvic) MRI
Date to be confirmed (December 2015) - Clichy/FR
This course will be carried out on Philips Healthcare equipment

Detailed programme will be updated as soon as possible.

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 ESMRMB MAGMA - Journal News
2012 MAGMA special issues:
“MR Thermometry“ with Robert Turner as Guest-editor (published in February 2012)
“Arterial Spin Labeling MRI“ with David Alsop as Guest-editor (published in April 2012)
2013 MAGMA special issue:
"MRI and PET together: friends or foes" with Thomas Beyer and Ewald Moser as Guest-editors (published in February 2013)
2014 MAGMA special issue:
“X-nuclei magnetic resonance imaging” with Simon Konstandin and Lothar Schad as Guest-editors (published in February 2014)
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 ESMRMB/ISMRM Teach-the-Teacher in Clinical MRI
ESMRMB/ISMRM´s Teach-the-Teacher fellowship programme does not know any boundaries.
With a successful launch last year, our candidates in 2014/2015 finished their two month fellowship programmes at high class and much appreciated hosting institutes and tutors, who reinforced the mission of the programme: to spread application and research in the field of MRI, aiming to fostering the MR knowledge/skills and the didactical competence to young radiologists from emerging countries. They emphasised that the programme has had an enriching impact on an educational, as well as personal level, gaining in-depth knowledge as well as new friends within the field. 3 of 4 candidates from India and China have been kindly supported by GE Healthcare. Fellowships for the next TTT circle in 2015/2016 are already about to begin for which we wish all trainees a fruitful experience!
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 MR Safety
European legislation on electromagnetic fields
Development of the practical guide on MR safety

Following the adoption of the revised EMF Directive (2013/35/EU), including a derogation for MRI scanners – obtained by the Alliance for MRI, by the European Parliament and Council in early summer last year, the European Commission published in August 2013, a call for tenders to start work on a practical guide with regard to the Annexes of the Directive.
The revised EMF Directive (2013/35/EU) foresees the development of a non-binding guide to good practice on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (electromagnetic fields) for all sectors, including MR technology.
The contract was awarded to Public Health England (PHE), who upon recommendation by the European Commission consulted ESR experts earlier this year to contribute to Annex E. guidance on MRI of the Directive.
The guide to good practice on MR technology includes recommendations on MR equipment, organisation of the MR facility and work as well as worker exposures during operation of MRI.
ESR and ESMRMB experts submitted their feedback on the draft guide in June and are in contact with PHE and the Commission in order to provide further expertise if needed.
A final draft of the non-binding guide to good practice is expected to be published in autumn this year.
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 ESMRMB Event Calendar
ESMRMB Event Calendar
Find all ESMRMB events sorted by educational programme/profession and get an overview of events in the field of MRI. Get yourself organised by exporting the events of your interest to your personal calendar, or become visible in promoting your events on our ESMRMB Event Calendar.
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 MR Enterprise Section: Siemens
RESOLVE: A Powerful Tool for Imaging the Pediatric Spine

Until recently, clinically useful DWI of the spine has not been possible using standard single shot EPI techniques due to susceptibility artifacts and the need for higher spatial resolution. The novel 2D-navigator-corrected readout-segmented EPI sequence (RESOLVE) can obtain images with higher spatial resolution and reduced distortion of the spine related to susceptibility, pulsations, respiration and motion. Laura Hayes, MD (Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, USA) presents useful applications and clinical cases.

Read the article

Sagittal T1 post-contrast and isotropic DWI.
Download optimized pediatric protocols for 1.5T MAGNETOM Aera (Günther Schneider, MD, PhD, Saarland University, Homburg, Germany) and 3T MAGNETOM Skyra (Jaques Schneider, MD, University Children’s Hospital, Basel, Switzerland).
Download edx. Files
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 MR Enterprise Section: Philips
Visit the dStream Clinical Case Map on

Bring digital clarity and speed to MR imaging

For some time now, you've heard about dStream, the Philips broadband digital MR architecture that helps you get information consistently, in the same time. Now, you can see proof of the power of dStream, with the dStream Clinical Case Map.

The interactive dStream Clinical Case Map shows you
real clinical cases from dStream users that illustrate how dStream brings digital clarity and speed to MR imaging. You can choose to view cases by clinical area, field strength, your imaging need, or geographical location.

The dStream Clinical Case Map is a remarkable way to appreciate the power of dStream. Visit it now – and be prepared to be amazed.
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